Each Dr. Herb product is uniquely formulated with clinically effective ingredients proven to improve a wide array of skin concerns.

La Suisse Hyrogel Sheet Mask

Ideal skin regeneration and repair requires an optimal environment. Hydrogels are chains of natural compounds that, when strung together into networks, help provide moisture and environment for regeneration and protection of the skin against damage from entities like ultraviolet radiation from the sun.[1] These organic compounds can remarkably absorb and release factors over time at a pH and strength that is ideal for stimulating cells in the skin such as fibroblasts (which create collagen) and keratinocytes (which help with skin regeneration). These characteristics led to widespread use in cosmetic dermatology, and even as an additional step after laser resurfacing procedures where they were shown to promote earlier healing properties.[2],[3] Our hydrogels are engineered with long-acting factors that, if used weekly, can support keratinocyte growth and help regenerate a healthy and robust epidermis- this translates into skin that is healthier and more resilient to harmful stressors from the outside.


Figure 1: Increased level of collagen (pink material) in skin that was subjected to topical hydrogel treatments.

La Suisse BHA Purifying Toner

During the aging process, the appearance on the skin of different signs very characteristic of aging, reflected, in particular, in a modification of skin structure and function, is observed. These signs are especially pronounced on uncovered areas such as face and hands, on which special characteristics due to exposure of the skin to sunlight (actinic aging) are generally added. [4]

Salicylates (BHA) are some of the most well-studied, safe and effective ways to enhance one’s facial cosmetic appearance. These organic molecules are derived from willow bark, sweet birch, and wintergreen leaves and have shown to promote clinical improvement in various dermatologic conditions in numerous scientific studies. [5] Such skin conditions include melasma, acne, hyperpigmentation (dark spots after pimples), freckles, fine lines and newer wrinkles (Glogau stage 1), post-inflammatory scars, and minor warts. [6]

These compounds make it possible to lessen wrinkling, slightly modify any mottled pigmentation of the skin, and can help eliminate rougher areas of the skin to give a more elastic consistency to the skin- making it possible to impart a much softer feel and youthful appearance.


La Suisse Hyaluronic Moisturizing Crème

Clinically, no other organ of the human body reflects the aging process as clearly as does the skin. For ages, scientists and cosmetic chemists have sought to create cosmetic formulations that could not only repair skin damage from the environment but also ameliorate some of the damage that manifests with time. 

Our topical anti-wrinkle and anti-aging moisturizing cream are engineered to repair and restore human adult skin to its original youthful state. It can be used on all areas such as the forehead, crow’s feet area, smile lines, under-eye wrinkles, and neck.

By combining a mixture of higher and lower molecular weight hyaluronic acid, we create a unique formulation that serves as a delivery system transports water molecules and oligosaccharides (small chains of nutritional elements) to the keratinocytes (skin cells) of the higher and lower levels of the skin. [7] Once stimulated by these compounds, the skin cells produce new hyaluronic acid, new collagen, new elastin and other components that strengthen, repair and restore the skin to a vital and youthful state.

La Suisse Citrôn Makeup Removing Cleanser

Our cleansers are dermatologist-formulated to provide anti-oxidant activity, promote an evening of the skin tone, in addition to cleansing the skin of impurities and environment aggravating factors. 

At the cellular level, aging manifests as physiologic or metabolic changes in principal types of skin cells such as fibroblasts (that create collagen), keratinocytes (majority of skin cells), and melanocytes (which are responsible for pigment). With sun exposure over time, there can be detrimental changes in the formation of melanin, which can alter uniformity of one’s complexion. Most of the time, this can manifest as skin darkening, mottling (white and dark spots), and other pigmentary blemishes particular on the face, neckline, arms, hands and shoulders. [8]

Our Citron cleanser combines various citrus bioflavonoids such as lemon peel oil to help even the skin tone, brighten any pigmentary blemishes, and of course cleanse the skin with powerful anti-oxidants. These natural compounds were found to contain key hydrocarbon (organic) molecules that not only inhibit the production of proteins that can cause inflammation in the skin, but also reduce the overall level of reactive oxygen species that damage cells from the inside out.[9]


La Suisse Botanical Hydrating Skin Cleanser

Our Botanical cleanser combines various naturally occurring biochemical elements to help with improving the complexion of the skin, preserving its natural uniformity, and of course preventing, reducing or treating pigmentation irregularities of the skin. Combining the natural cosmeceuticals in various herbal extracts (rose hip, olive, and grapefruit) can enhance the durability and resilience of the skin with repeated solar exposures.[10] [11]This can help exert a whitening action on the epidermis to help treat skin pigmenation abnormalities resulting from chronic UV related sun damage. These elements are well studied and do not have irritant or toxic side effects on the skin.

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